Logo Design Questionnaire

Good design provides a distinct advantage and is crucial to making a great first impression. Your logo and how your brand is applied to your stationery, signage, print communication and website tells people about who your company is. The more information you can provide at the beginning of this project, the more value for money you’ll receive so please fill in as many fields as possible. If there are any areas or questions that you don’t feel are relevant to your project, please just skip them. We can always come back to it later. Once you’ve sent the filled-in form back to me, I’ll work through your answers and get back to you to discuss the right solution for your business.

DISCLAIMER: The information you provide in this form will be treated as confidential and will under no circumstances be disclosed to any third parties without your explicit permission.

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For Clients

The Basics

Brand Information

Please answer all as completely and as descriptively as possible.
The idea with all this is for me to be able to get a good idea of what you do.

Please detail exact Wording for logo. For Mercedes it’s ‘Mercedes-Benz’, for Coke
its ‘Coca-Cola’ etc.

If you have an existing tag line, which needs to form part of the logo, then please
enter this here.

Please describe what you are all about. This is where I need you to be descriptive
and detailed as I absolutely need to understand to the best of my abilities what I
am designing for.

This is a refined and optimized version of above. Think along the lines of descriptive
tag lines. 6-10 words is the ideal number words but if you can’t manage it in 6, then
as few words as possible. This helps me quickly understand what it is you do, who
or what you are about. Imagine you have just a few minutes to enthusiastically but realistically describe what it is you do; often known as the “elevator pitch”.

Similar to above, but list keywords that best sum up the overall impression you
want to convey with the logo. This is all about creating the appropriate perception
in your target market.

When consumers/clients/customers view your logo or brand identity; what would
be the ideal feeling or emotion you would like them to feel?

Where the previous question is more about emotion and feelings this is a more
general description about what the logo/identity needs to say or portray.

Please list the type of people that need to be influenced by the logo when they
see it. For example, who is the decision maker of the company that may be using
your business. I need to know this so I can create a logo that speaks the right
language and is targeted correctly.

This includes: local, regional and/or worldwide. We absolutely need to know how
your competitors brand and position themselves before we can create a visual
identity for you. Please provide me with URL’s of websites or names of companies
that you compete with, or have a similar agenda to.

Technical Details & Preferences

If you have any particular ideas or thoughts about the logo then please use
this section to help communicate these with me.

In the absence of a client meeting, this helps me get into your ‘mind’. See what
wavelength you are on, and also if the wavelength you are on is indeed suitable.
Please provide URL’s of any logos you like.

Are you looking to avoid or implement certain colours? Please list colors that you
feel would have a positive or negative impact.

Are there any images/symbols/icons you like, images you feel sum up who you
are,what you do. You may have a crest, some personal symbol you would like
to include.

Additional Information

Thank You!